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Raymond, 47 years old, suffered from a work place injury sustaining an ankle fracture. He came to see Prof Heidari four months after the original injury and subsequent fixation.

He was told by various other surgeons that the best option would be to mobilise, rehabilitate and then fuse his ankle later. He was desperate to try and maintain his ankle and to this effect he actually had not started bearing load through his foot in way to stop the articulating congruity causing arthritis.

Prof Heidari performed intra articular osteotomy restoring congruity of the ankle joint to avoid ankle fusion and further destructive surgeries for arthritis. Raymond is now back to his physical activities including his passion for jogging.

In Raymond’s own words “During the whole procedure, I knew it will be revolutionary. Nima was quite excited that this has never been done in UK before or if it had we had never heard of it before.

It was a different way and a different approach of looking at this type of fracture. Nima could think outside of the box and bring up a solution to the situation which he did amazingly. Full Recovery time from the original accident to all the surgeries was nine months.

It looks like I will make a 95% recovery. What Nima has done and his extended team and still do for me, I can’t put any words. He gave me back my ability to move. He pretty much gave back my life which would have otherwise been too much lost had I not seeked out the medical treatment to rectify what had happened to me.

The man is amazing and what he does. He is very, very, very good at what he does and I couldn’t wish for a better surgeon. I owe my life to him and the man was amazing.”


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