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Dr Kristian Kley, MD

Board Certified Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon

Consultant Knee and Hip Surgeon

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Dr Kristian Kley is a highly regarded and vastly experienced orthopaedic surgeon based in Hannover, Germany. He carries out hundreds of complex operations every year with a special focus on reconstructive hip and knee surgery. Enjoying a global reputation for his expertise in complex cases, many of his pioneering new techniques for applying osteotomy to knee conditions have become accepted practice. Renowned for his highly efficient surgical workflows, which act as a model for other to follow, he also works as consulting surgeon for several international organisations working in the field of corrective and reconstructive knee surgery. A much sought-after speaker, he lectures and teaches worldwide. Dr Kley joins Orthopaedic Specialists colleagues at The London Knee Osteotomy Centre, a dedicated unit for knee joint preservation surgery.

Following completion of his medical training at Hannover Medical School in 2006, Dr Kley enhanced his expertise with a two-year residency in orthopaedic trauma in Hannover with Professor Philipp Lobenhoffer, holding the position of Assistant Doctor Trauma Surgery, with a focus on joint reconstruction and traumatology at the Henrietten Foundation from 2007-2009. In 2009, he went on to work as an orthopaedic assistant, concentrating on spinal surgery at Anna Foundation, Hannover, under Dr Frank Gossé. Also trained in preventive and sports medicine, he moved on to Sportclinic Germany in 2011 and gained his doctorate in 2015.

Early in his career, Dr Kley developed a strong interest in the application of osteotomy to knee conditions and one of his main focuses today remains the planning, using computer simulation, and implementation of complex conversion osteotomies and techniques of operative stabilisation in kneecap dislocations. He is a key part of a team carrying out over 300 knee osteotomies a year and is constantly working on the development of new techniques and instruments to streamline these procedures. He performs huge number of distal femoral osteotomies annually (surgical procedure to correct deformities in the thigh bone). He also specialises in hip replacements and wants to bring his special approach, which promotes rapid recovery, to the hip.

An active member of many national and international groups in his field and guest member of the Joint Preservation Expert Group of AO Foundation, he has developed unique techniques of minimal-invasive osteotomy of femur and tibia which are now used clinically in Hannover on a regular basis. He works as a surgical consultant internationally; is a regular speaker for osteotomies and knee osteoarthritis at congresses and training events, who has appeared at over 50 national and international courses giving lectures and performing live surgeries. He has an ambition to make The London Knee Osteotomy Centre the leading centre for osteotomy in the world. A family man with four children, he is also a keen footballer.

Specialist interests

Hip replacement
Knee arthritis/osteoarthritis
Knee osteotomy surgery (realignment)
Knee replacement surgery

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