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NAMS certified women's health specialist

What is a NAMS certified women's health specialist?

NAMS specialists provide comprehensive care that addresses the many physical and emotional changes that women may experience during menopause. Holding this certification along with her many other credentials as an Obstetrician / Gynaecologist as well as a fertility specialist.

What's an NCMP?

A number of years ago, NAMS recognized a need to set essential standards for health providers, thereby assuring high-quality care for women at menopause and beyond. To meet this need, we developed a competency examination. All licensed healthcare providers are eligible to sit for this examination. Those who pass have demonstrated their expertise in the field and are awarded the credential of NCMP or NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner. They receive a printed certificate and a lapel pin designating their achievement.

The NAMS Menopause Practitioner credential is valid for three years. The credential can be maintained by either passing a new examination or submitting appropriate continuing medical education credits that demonstrate ongoing education in the field.

Professional Credentials & Their Meaning

When you're looking for menopause help or menopause treatment, the medical credentials you find may be a bit confusing. The clinicians in the NAMS Find a Menopause Clinician searchable database include several types of healthcare professionals. For example:

  • MD signifies physician

  • DO means osteopathic physician

  • ND and NMD mean naturopathic physician

  • PA means physician assistant

  • DNP, NP, ANP, ARNP, CRNP, and FNP are nurse practitioners; DNPs are Doctors of Nursing Practice;
    nurse midwives are CNM

  • RPh and PharmD are pharmacists

  • APRN, RN, RNC, BSN, and MSN are nurses

  • LCSW and MSW are social workers

  • PhD means a doctorate degree, such as in psychology, among others

  • NCMP means special competency demonstrated in the field of menopause

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