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What is hormone pellet therapy?

Hormone pellets are implants that a healthcare professional inserts under the skin.

Hormone pellets often contain a mix of hormones.

A healthcare professional will consider factors such as hormone levels and body mass index (BMI) when working out an appropriate dose of hormones to insert.

To insert hormone pellets, a healthcare professional will numb the skin and make a small incision, usually into the hip area. They will then insert one or more hormone pellets underneath the skin.

They will close the incision with Steri-Strips, a stitch, or both. A person will need to follow the healthcare professional’s instructions after the procedure. Those with Steri-Strips may be able to remove them after 5–7 days.

The pellets provide a constant supply of hormones for about 3 months.

​Now offering Hormone Replacement Therapy for both Menopausal Women and Andropausal Men.

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